Paul Hart – Reclaimed

Today I received the third volume in the monochrome photographic trilogy by Paul Hart on the Fens in the East of England. This last book in the series is called ‘Reclaimed’.

The other books in this trilogy are ‘Farmed’ and ‘Drained’ and together they form an incredible body of work. The books themselves are superbly printed in clothbound covers and exude quality.

Paul uses a medium format analogue camera and prints the images as silver gelatine prints. The images he creates have a timeless, almost ethereal quality which draws the viewer in until it is almost like you have been subsumed by the landscape.

I have been looking forward to the arrival of Reclaimed since it was announced and it certainly does not disappoint. I was also lucky enough to buy a pre-order copy and to get the frontispiece signed by Paul himself.

I discovered Paul’s work after his initial book ‘Truncated’ was published but which is now unfortunately out of print, so its absence leaves a gap in my collection of his work. I shall keep looking for a second-hand copy.

Go to his website and have a look at all four books, they are superb.






2 thoughts on “Paul Hart – Reclaimed

  1. Thanks Clive, so pleased that you’ve enjoyed the books and many thanks for supporting my work – All good wishes, Paul


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