15 Days – Day 11

Day 11: Friday 3rd April. 

It was somewhat of a varied day workwise. Paperwork involving pensions, HR stuff, IT assistance on a laptop with a faulty camera and software shenanigans.

It was a relief to end the week that has felt so strange. I think we, I mean I, think about the work side of things and how the lockdown is affecting myself and family and then we catch the news and are painfully reminded that there is a virus out there that is killing people and our fabulous NHS is up against it even with all its amazing staff.

I was out in our street last night at 8:00 PM for the show of appreciation for the NHS. At first, there were a few people on their doorsteps, then more and more and the sound of clapping, beating of pots and then fireworks were fantastic. It was a very highly charged emotional atmosphere.

Today’s image, in the style of Stephen Shore (cough), comes from Mrs M’s and my constitutional walk at 16:00 today. It’s the new car park at the university, which of course is empty now, just one of the very photogenic modern buildings on the campus.






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