15 days – Day 12

Day 12: Saturday 4th April.    

Well, it’s the weekend and that means a little bit of a lie-in. It seems a little easier to sleep in these days as the traffic down the road is a fraction of what it was. Once up and about it was time to complete some chores and then lunch.

Our walk today took us in the other direction towards the business park. Well, it’s known as a business park, but there is a huge student accommodation being built where offices once stood. There are still some businesses there but far fewer.

We saw a couple of people taking a walk, but for the most part, it was very quiet.

The image today is of blossom that is appearing everywhere around here where there isn’t a council planted sycamore tree. Our road, when we moved in many years ago, had a line of trees that produced beautiful blossom every year, but over time they have been replaced thanks to our council by huge leafed sycamores that block the drains and gutters in the autumn and ruin lawns with their seeds.







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