15 Days – Day 5

Day 5: Saturday 28th March.

Today we look back on a holiday week that we have never seen before – and hopefully will never see again. It has not been unpleasant, but plans were dashed.

Today the weather has turned wintery again. There are flashes of sun, but the clouds soon got in the way of its rather half-hearted efforts and the day settled in for fast-flying clouds and a very cold north-easterly wind.

On our daily exercise today we walked down through the crematorium and then headed back through a lane that I haven’t walked along for many years. It was very quiet along the lane with no traffic noise. The houses along here are all part of an old farm estate with outbuildings being converted into chic apartments and a very splendid old farmhouse.

What grabbed my attention though, was a large house that had some large gates and all of its windows boarded. Checking on Google maps, it looks like the building has been empty since 2012 and it also now has a danger sticker on the boarded front door.

I suppose at some point it will be knocked down and a new house built.





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