15 Days – Day 4

Day 4: Friday 27th March

The last day of our holiday and it’s been the strangest break I’ve ever had. We have been blessed with nice weather but reading a book outside today was not on the agenda. It is sunny but cold. The temperature has been dropping all week.

We’ve never particularly worried about shopping during this crisis as we have had a slot booked with Ocado now for twelve years, for the same day and the same time. Then last night we, and everyone else who has had pre-booked slots for tears, were told by the company that these booked delivery times no longer existed. Basically, they were saying it is now a free-for-all on their order site. This from a company who said only two weeks ago that they were not taking on any new customers. Well obviously they did or they would have been able to manage and cope with their already planned deliveries. People at risk who had actually paid £10 per week to guarantee a day and time have been left stranded. Quite rightly these people are a little miffed.

Now, we as a family can get out to forage for food but what about those who are at risk and relied on their Ocado delivery? Ocado already run the risk of losing custom when they switch from Waitrose to delivering M&S online in September, I suggest that the latter probably need to have a look at what damage Ocado are doing to their potential sales. People can have long memories.

Poorly done Ocado, poorly done.

The image is Mrs M once again at her work laptop this morning. Above and beyond. But then that’s her.







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