Photo Project

Photograph: Architecture

Unlike most specialised areas of photography, there are few tricks or special equipment required for shooting architecture – only careful planning and an open mind. Your shooting position, the time of day, the colour and direction of light all have a profound result on the final image and it pays to shoot from a few different viewpoints to start off.

Architecture doesn’t just mean sleek, shiny buildings – it can include housing, historic monuments and industrial heritage too.

First, choose one of the following subjects, you are then to take three photographs showing different aspects or designs for the subject that you have chosen to photograph. The individual photographs should show that they are part of a set.

  1. Ecclesiastical Buildings
    Many of the oldest structures in Europe were built for worship, your assignment is to take a photograph that shows your personal vision of such a building.
  2. Industrial Heritage
    Find an industrial or manufacturing building lying empty after the economy has moved elsewhere.
  3. Modernism
    For many years, the modernist building style that emerged in the 1920s was synonymous with brutal construction methods and sink housing estates. Today however modernism has been re-evaluated and is seen quite properly as a valid and important architectural style.


Large buildings can be tricky to photograph, so it’s probably best to focus on a single facet to work with. Faced with a complicated subject, it can be initially difficult to know which angle to shoot from so don’t be frightened in shooting many variations. Different lenses will enable you to distort shape in varying degrees, with wide angles creating the most stretched-out effects.




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