June Project

THE FOUR ELEMENTS Earth, air, fire (heat/energy) and water. Take one of these and make it prominent in your photographs. If you're feeling adventurous do a series of images using all four elements and comprising of several shots for each. This could be a  perfect subject for a self-made photobook. This project can be interpreted … Continue reading June Project

April Project

EXPLORE A LENS Choose a lens you don't normally use or a single focal length on a zoom lens and find photos and angles which use it effectively. This project can be interpreted in many ways and the instructions are deliberately not detailed so that you can do them in your own way. Try not … Continue reading April Project

Photo Projects

Photograph: FADED BEAUTY Brief Many photographers have been drawn to record the processes of decay, decline and deterioration. For this project explore the idea of recording change, creating photographs that capture things at specific moments in their continuing physical journey. Locations suitable: historic cemeteries, crumbling houses, castles and estates. choose a place which gives you … Continue reading Photo Projects

365 Project 2014

I've decided to do another 365 project this year starting on January 1. This will be the second one that I have done. Once again I have some friends who are going to attempt it with me, from last time: Martyn and Carol and a '365 newbie', Rod. Like last time I have prepared daily … Continue reading 365 Project 2014