Kingdom of Madness

You may have notice that I have changed the title of the post this week from the generic “Photographs #XX”. This is because the titles didn’t give any indication of what was in the post and didn’t give a reader a mental link to the photographs featured. I hope that this new will work better in helping people remember some of the images.

This week it’s back to black and white again with 3 more photographs taken at the National Trust property at Stourhead. All images were taken with the Nikon D800 and Nikkor 24-120mm F/4.0 combination.

The first image was taken with flash inside a very dark grotto within the gardens. I used the pop-up flash on the D800 set to a -1 bias so as not to over-lighten the statue.


The Halls of the King


The second photograph was taken as I walked under a small arch over a footpath. I metered for the light area on the other side of the arch and then darkened the edges in post processing. This gives the illusion of a tunnel leading out of the earth.


Out of the Earth


The last image was a tangle of trees just off one of the footpaths. In post processing, I lightened the trees and branches whilst darkening the frame edges and the floor.  I then used Photoshop to add distortion to the edges of the frame giving a tension and movement to the image. There is also a feeling of instability and a nightmarish quality to the picture hence the title, borrowed from the band Magnum.


Kingdom of Madness


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