Photograph #21

I have three colour images for you this time. All three were taken with the Nikon D800 and Nikkor 24-120mm f/4.0 lens.

The first is a view across Weston Super Mare towards Brean Down which you can see on the horizon. Brean Down is a promontory extending one and a half miles into the English channel and at its highest point is 318 feet high.

The sun had started to come through the rain clouds as they drifted inland, and the sea sparkled and glittered like shards of glass as the sunlight caught the tops of the waves.


Splintered Sea


The other two images were taken at the National Trust property of Stourhead with the same camera and lens setup as the first photograph.

The first image is a shot across the lake to the Pantheon which has just been refurbished. This image reminds me of the great landscapes that appear in the background of great painters like Gainsborough. The whole view almost seems too perfect, too arcadian and this was obviously the intention of the great gardeners, such as the owner of Stourhead, Henry Hoare and his architect Henry Flitcroft.


Arcadian Idyll


The last photograph is a statue in the temple of Apollo within the gardens. I love the colours and patina on this sculpture. I experimented with showing the statue upright or at an angle, but decided I preferred it with the right side of the alcove level with the right-hand frame edge.


Tarnished Gaze


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