Out and About – Hanbury Hall

Today I wanted to test out the Nikon AI-S lens with the Fujifilm X-E2.  Mrs M and I went to Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire and had a wander around the lovely house and gardens.

As I said yesterday, the Nikon lens through the adaptor on the X-E2 would have no electrical connections whatsoever, so everything would be in manual mode. The lens was well balanced on the camera and I used my new Peak Design camera cuff to ensure I didn’t drop it as I walked around.

I found the focus aids invaluable with the manual focussing especially the focus-peaking and magnification.  I kept the camera at 200 ISO and didn’t have any problem with the viewfinder darkening down with the smaller apertures, the automatic viewfinder brightness enhancement was obviously working well.

Ultimately I was very pleased with the sharpness of the pictures and it actually reminded me of the ‘good ol’ days of 35mm analogue photography with the manual focussing, once I had got used to where the aperture ring was situated on the barrel of the lens.

The image below is a monochrome of a set of gates taken with the X-E2 and the Nikon 50mm f/1.8.




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