Out and About – Laggan Wood

This is another image taken whilst I was in Scotland. This time we had parked in the lovely little village of Comrie and walked along the top of the gorge in which the River Laggan ran. The out ward trip was on the western side of the river and the return trip was on the eastern side.

The former also included the thigh and calf crunching walk down and back up again of the ‘million’ (well it seemed like it) steps to the Deil’s Cauldron waterfall.

The weather was lovely and warm which meant jumpers were discarded for tee-shirts as we walked along the river. This changed however when we entered the gloom and shade of Laggan Wood. The sun only penetrated the huge pine trees in slivers and slashes of light resulting in the temperature dropping drastically and so jumpers were donned once again. The image below shows the edge of the wood just before we came out of the trees into the warm sun once again.

Laggan Wood
Laggan Wood



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