Out and About – Baddesley Clinton

I took myself off to one of my favourite National Trust properties this morning for a treat. One of their excellent bacon batches (that’s ‘roll’ to any southerners), and a cup of coffee.

It had rained just before I left so I didn’t take any of my cameras, but I had my iPhone for any emergencies.

The breakfast was excellent and as I sat there the sun came out so rather than go straight home, I decided to have a walk around the garden. I’m glad I did. There was no one else around and apart from the birds singing away, all was peace and quiet. The sun was warm, I wasn’t at work and I had an enjoyable breakfast.

I took a few pictures with my phone and the one below was edited in the TinType app. I liked the fact that if the artist Rebecca Ferrers of Baddesley had took Ferrotype photographs as well as painting and sketching in the 1870’s, she may well have taken an image like this of the house.

Baddesley Clinton
Baddesley Clinton



One thought on “Out and About – Baddesley Clinton

  1. Very creative and ‘alternative’ shot of Baddesley. Feels to me like a toy house! Love the sharp focus on the doorway.


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