What the heck is ‘Aphabetography’?

After completing my second 365 project on 31 December 2014, I was pondering about what long term project the S13 collective could do for 2015. I decided to try one called ‘Alphabetography’. The idea is to take 26 pictures – one every two weeks – of the letters of the alphabet, starting with (surprise, surprise) the letter ‘A’.

This letter can be discovered in natural or man-made forms (which must not have been constructed by the photographer), found in shadows, made by cropping with the viewfinder of the camera, in fact in any way, other than by physical construction by the photographer. The letter images can come from nature, or man made materials, but ACTUAL letters, such as in signs cannot be used.

This is not as easy as it sounds( try it). Anyway, I hopefully shall be posting my efforts on A Sensored-View every couple of weeks.


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