Nikon D800 firmware updates

Nikon have just announced a firmware update for the D800 and D800E. These re updates A1.10 and B1.10. They can be downloaded from the Nikon Europe website here.

The update changes a couple of the menu designations for video and for the communications unit UT-1, but for me the main change has been on putting right the coding error which meant that trap focussing could not be done.

Now Nikon have enabled modifications which means that the shutter will fail to release if the camera fails to focus. The conditions required to do this are:
• Set Autofocus mode to AF-S
• Set AF-area mode to single-point autofocus and
• Custom setting A2 (AF-S priority selection) is set to focus.

This new setting (which should have been on the camera to start with) will enable you to focus on a particular spot where you expect the subject to be or to pass through with the AF-On button. You then move the camera a fraction so that the centre focus point now reads the area as out of focus. You depress the shutter button and keep it depressed but because the camera AF system deems the area is out of focus, no shots get taken. As your chosen subject then gets to the pre-focused distance the camera detects the subject is sharp and so takes the shot. One of the most used scenarios for this is for taking the newly married couple walking down the aisle towards the camera.

Useful stuff.



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