365 Photobooks

The new 365 project for 2014 has kicked off as you can see from the images on this blog. Also on here are the images that I took for a 365 project started in 2011. After I finished the project I placed them all in a photo book ready to be printed – which I have still not had done I’m afraid. For this project, I am going to place the images in a photobook as well, or rather to be accurate, twelve photobooks.

Each month I shall create a photobook with the images for that month in it. At the end of the year I hope that the twelve editions will represent a photographic record of my ideas for the project.

At some point in the next few months I’m hopeful that I will get the 2011 project book printed, although it will probably not be available generally. I’m hoping that the twelve volumes for 2014 will be available for purchase on line should people want to purchase them.



One thought on “365 Photobooks

  1. Great idea Clive. I quite liked the book I did for last year and as I already have that template set up think I use it again this year. I look forward to seeing your first month’s worth.


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