New Vivian Maier website

Although not a street photographer myself, I am a huge fan of Vivian Maier’s work and the people who have gathered and correlated most of her amazing output, have launched a new website featuring some her best pictures.

Vivian Maier - Self Portrait
Vivian Maier – Self Portrait

Maier has been gaining importance as one of the great 20th century street photographers and rightly so. her images show an understanding of composition, lighting and people, which is strange as it seems she was a very private person. Perhaps it was this quietness and unobtrusiveness that allowed her to capture such stunning images of her time in France, Chicago and New York.
It’s interesting to think that a lot of the great painters did not gain recognition or their work critical claim until they had died, this seems to be the case with Maier although her work was not found until after her death and since then has really put her name up there with the top photographers.
On the new website is a very detailed ‘about’ section which makes fascinating reading and the new portfolio sections contain scores of excellent images.
One section of particular interest is the self-portrait collection. Want to know how many different ways you can take a ‘selfie’ and yet still take an image of value as a piece of social commentary? Go and have a look here.

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