Not sure about replacing the grip

Well, kudos to Amazon, they reimbursed the cost of the grip within two days. But now I’m not sure if I want to bother with a grip.

I’ve had a look around at third party versions, and I’m not overjoyed about putting £50 – £90 plastic versions on to a £2k camera. I did find one that was made in Germany that is also made of magnesium like the ‘official’ Nikon grip and it comes in about £100 cheaper, but I just don’t know anymore.

The only controls on any of the different makes of grip for the D800 are the control wheels, the shutter release and the AF-On button. I would have liked a fully configurable function button on the grip too, so that I can easily reach AEL lock or spot metering. My Olympus grips have the extra function buttons, so why couldn’t Nikon?

So, for now, I’m using the D800 as is, I’ll think more about the grip, but at the moment I really want to get that 24-120 f/4.0 zoom lens, it’s far more important than having something to hold an extra battery.


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