MB-D12 arrived…and went again.

After I had been out with the D800 on Sunday, I realised that I missed the vertical grip that I have on all my other cameras. So, I went on line and searched for the MB-D12 grip for the D800. I found one on Amazon and duly ordered it.

The grip arrived today, but attaching it to the camera I found that nothing worked on it. The camera didn’t recognize the extra battery in the grip, the multi-selector didn’t work and the AF-on button was dead too. I tried different EN-EL15 batteries in the unit and it was the same thing.

I looked on the net and various people said they had problems with their grips too and had to send them back.

Shame on you Nikon.

So now the grip is being collected and I have to wait up to 3 weeks to get a refund, so that I can go out and get another.





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