Flippin’ Flickr

Today Flickr rolled out its ‘new-look’ picture hosting site. I’ve got to say. I don’t really like it.

Perhaps it’s just because I’ve got used to the old one and know where everything is, but this new look does not grab me with its user-friendliness.

I seem to be looking all over the screen for the links to stuff and I know the pages probably look better now on iPads and the like, but I use a PC and I don’t like the Windows 8 style interface anyway.

There has been a massive amount of feedback on the new look over the web, and the vast majority is against the change. It seems that Flickr are also doing away with the paid ‘Pro’ user designation and giving everybody the same facilities. However, if you want to get rid of the adverts that are going to appear then you will have to pay some dosh to do that. In one fell swoop Flickr have wiped out their idea of a picture sharing community, to a provider and customer setup.

I’m looking at alternatives. ipernity.com is one of them.


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