CC arguments rumble on

Well the vilification of Adobe and their recent Creative Cloud decisions goes on and on. Whatever photography forum you go on seems to have a ‘support them or burn them’ poll. and the vast majority, at the moment seem all for lynching Adobe.

I have already said that I won’t be registering for ACC as I am not a professional, I don’t think I can justify the expense and I also do not agree with not being able to buy software. Even Microsoft with 365 still sell the Office software if you wish to purchase it rather than rent it.
However it has set me to thinking. The general consensus and it has been confirmed by Adobe, is that Lightroom 5 will still be available for purchase as well as obtaining for a rental fee for ACC. Adobe have not been forthcoming about how they will bundle Lightroom in the future and also about further editions and even updates. Looking at the situation logically I can’t imagine Adobe not doing the same with Lightroom as they have done with Photoshop and make it subscription only. This means that within two years Lightroom may only be available via subscription.
This may be more of a possibility than some people like to admit. Adobe on their forum have already asked for any suggestions on how the subscription service could be tailored to specific users and some people have already asked for a ‘photographer only’ package, perhaps Lightroom bundled with Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

ACR is another sticking point. If Adobe only updated ACR and make it available for those using ACC then those people who insist on sticking with old software, may find that their new cameras will not have the profiles they need to work in their old software.
Sooo, do we now have to start looking for alternatives?


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