I’m not a great photographer, I don’t think I’m a particularly good photographer, (not false modesty I’m afraid, I always think that there is so much more to learn), but I do try hard at my hobby, and I also like to pass what meagre knowledge I have on to other people. I get a massive kick out of watching people  progressing from not knowing what a histogram is, to producing a breath-taking image and realizing what a great hobby we have in photography.
I like to think that whatever I have passed on has been useful and when people you have been helping make some stunning photographs it’s a great feeling when you think that you may have been part of that in a small way.

Well, a friend of mine  is doing a 365 daily project and posted her submission for the title of the day: ‘Someone who inspires me…’and when I looked on Flickr to see the images that had been uploaded, I saw that the subject she chose was me!

I didn’t know what to say when I saw it – shocked, stunned, gob-smacked and humble are all words that come to mind, but don’t really do justice to what I was feeling. It’s probably the greatest compliment that has ever been paid to me.

Thank you Carol so much and thank you too James for your kind comment.


One thought on “Gob-Smacked

  1. Thank you Clive. You have already taught me so much and have been a constant encouragement. The passion you have for photography is contagious. I really appreciate your generosity regarding your time too and not least the effort to ensure I get my daily word for the day! I know I have masses to learn, but I am looking forward to the journey. You are an inspiration…


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