MMX: Watching

This image was again taken at Lincoln cathedral and again it was taken with the Olympus E-410. Walking around the cloisters I lost sight of my wife. I turned to take a photo of the opposite cloister and there was this person looking at me out of the darkness. It made me jump and it did look very eerie. It turned out to be Janette, my wife. I gestured to her to stay where she was and shot a couple of images.
I decided to handle this image differently when it got to processing, and so after converting to black and white and processing for balance, contrast and texture, I sharpened it and then ran the image through Nik Silver Efex Pro. I wanted a very gritty, gothic type look for the picture so I chose the Ilford FP4 Plus filter. In my wet darkroom days, FP4 and its 400 ISO sister HP5 were my favourite black and white film mediums and so it was kind of nice almost using FP4 again for this picture.

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