Inspiration block

So the new year has started and with it a new set of challenges to attempt as a member of the Viewfinder Digital Camera Club. My problem is that at the moment I have arrived at an arid stretch of uncompromising desert known as ‘photographer’s block’.

I just can’t visualize any images for the projects. At this point I have done one of the monthly assignments which leaves me the second one to complete before the end of January. The  yearly project of ‘Calendar’ I have decided not to do as I have no inspiration as to a theme to make it a coherent body of work. I am taking part in the ‘alphabet’ project but again have been suffering from a lack of inspiration. I have now decided to tackle this year long assignment in a style that is somewhat of a departure from my normal style of photography. I am going to concentrate on completing the project as a collection of colour images that are based on an abstract or close-up format.

Time to knuckle down and get on I suppose.

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