A couple of shoots

I’ve been on a couple of more photog outings since the last post – Chesterton Windmill and Stratford upon Avon.
The former could easily have been a photographic disaster. The day was sunny, but with that low, winter sun that slices through your eyes like a laser beam and seems to be everywhere you want to look. It causes massive highlight blinkies and enough flare to out flare the sun.
I went armed with the E-30, the new 14-54 f2.8 lens, a ND 4 filter and tripod. On the walk up to the windmill, I set up several times and trying to avoid shooting straight into the sun I took about 20 shots at different distances from it.
Once up closer I could use the sun to get some of the details off the brickwork and so proceeded to take photos  – still on the tripod. It was then that I noticed in the viewfinder the letters ‘IS’.
I had left Image Stabalization on. So, all the images I had so far taken would be soft. With no hand-held shake to composite for because the E-30 was mounted on a tripod, the IS would nevertheless act as though the camera was being hand-held. Bugger!
I turned IS off and re-took the IS compensated images. Once I got home, a quick look showed that the affected images were indeed soft. 20 or so photographs of the windmill went in the bin.
The moral of the story, is to always check all your camera settings before you start shooting.
The shoot at Stratford went better but the sun was still very low. The sky was perfectly blue, so no shadows there. I got a nice image of the Lady Macbeth statue which I put through my full balck and white process and i was very pleased with it.
I loaded it up to Digital-darkroom and although a couple of people liked it, they felt the sky was boring. What was I meant to do? The sky was a deep blue. In the image it came out as one shade of grey.

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