Finally got out with the new lens

So I ventured forth with elder brother, carrying my photographic backpack containing two cameras: the E-30 and the E-620, the former laden down with the new 14-54mm lens . We decided we would try the Malvern Hills and the weather people had assured us that the sun would come out to bless the Worcestershire countryside.

Well it didn’t.

It was dark, grey and cold.

The hills themselves were covered with people who like us were desperate to get outside after several days of being shut indoors with Christmas. Mountain bikers were also out in force with their helmets and day-glow clothing, and the satanic mix was completed with packs of dogs ignoring the commands of their owners to ‘heel’ and ‘sit’ and rushing around like rabid African Hunting dogs.
It was a disaster but I managed to get a couple of pictures with the new lens. Back at 192, getting a decent image meant wiping out the pixel memory of the many people that were swarming over the hillsides like North Face wearing ants. But I did the digital assassination with great enjoyment.

Note to self: Do not try and take any more pictures of boring hills.

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