25 February

Another music inspired image for today's title. This is the headstock of my 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard, nicknamed Emma after my daughter. She (the guitar not my daughter) was with me on stage for 8 years before sharing the limelight for the last two or three with my 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. For … Continue reading 25 February

24 February

One of the best, if not THE best concert DVD ever, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Live at the El Mocambo. Featuring the greatest blues guitarist that has ever lived. Sublime power and skill. Incredible and I never tire of watching it. Nikon P300 ©live

19 February

A tricky one this. I decided to drag out a National Geographic camera bag that I've got, on which is a sewn-on patch that I got with a Slash album. I sewed it on too. Post-processed through NIK Analogue Effex Nikon P300 ©live

17 February

It wasn't easy on this overcast day to get a decent shot of clouds, so I had to resort to post processing to get the tones to come out. I actually quite like the Turner-esque swirl of the clouds and the colours, especially the little patch of off-white on the left. Nikon P300 ©live

6 February

I've spent the day trying to think how I can make today's image without involving myself too much in material, patterns and cushion filling. In the end I took the easy way out and used the title as a verb as in to cushion a pair of headphones. Nikon P300 ©live

5 February

The signs are there and they give testament to another life that has ended long before it should have. The collection of floral tributes and candles of remembrance at the side of the road and the hastily painted warning sign on the ground tell a story that is all too familiar. Nikon P300 ©live

4 February

This one caught me napping. I had originally devised the title as 'PLANT' and wrote it thus in my diary, however on the group website I put 'PLANE' and that is what the other members have done for the title, so I had to oblige and follow suit. Nikon D7100 ©live