25 February


Another music inspired image for today’s title. This is the headstock of my 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard, nicknamed Emma after my daughter. She (the guitar not my daughter) was with me on stage for 8 years before sharing the limelight for the last two or three with my 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. For the most part they were happy and exciting days.

Nikon P300



4 thoughts on “25 February

  1. Ah a music theme…like my food theme! Lovely treatment here. Gives a real rock and pop feel. Well maybe more rock than pop!


    1. Hey Martyn I have accidentally clicked to stop following you! Please could you invite me again as I can’t find your 365 page. When I click on your blue name above it takes me to another site of yours which I must say has some stunning shots on! I like the snowdrops and adore the door with the foliage around it.


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