Gold, books and reflections

Three more images from a Birmingham city centre shoot, this time in colour. The first two photographs are of the Birmingham Library the last of buildings around the canal. I do sometimes process in colour. I just have such a difficult time in liking what I have done. I see so many excellent photographers produce colour photographs, and I’m just not happy with mine. More of Clive and colour photography at another time but now…the photographs for this week.


The first is a reflection of the library in a puddle just outside the building. I focussed on the reflection itself, leaving the remainder of the image out of focus. I also rotated the picture to show the building the correct way round.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-120 F/4



The second photograph is a study based on the colours and shapes that the construction of the building shows. There is almost a sculpture-like feel to the building with its colours and circular decoration. The viewer’s eye is taken into the image and up the structure to the gold turret on the top via the diagonal movement of the composition.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-120 F/4



The third image was taken from the tow-path of the canal not far from the library. The canal was almost, but not quite still and this meant the reflection of the building in the background had a more abstract look. The sloping path on the left leads the eye into the image, to the building at the back and then out of the right side of the frame via the bridge and steps. I love the colours and life in this photograph.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-120 F/4



4 thoughts on “Gold, books and reflections

  1. You should so do colour photography more! These are lovely. So creative. My fav is the puddle shot. Great colours and different to the usual.


  2. Oh well, he’s an idiot. But that’s true you should experiment out of your comfort zone, and I still take colour images, I still do ICM and I still do still-lifes and lots of other types of stuff. However, I see most of my subjects in monochrome and more than most in the square format. It’s just how my style has developed.


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