365 finished.

Well it’s been a week or so since I finished the 365 project and I must say I’m glad its now over. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s been a very good experience but it was quite hard work trying to take a picture for the day’s title.

I took every picture in the same style, using a Nik preset called Film Noir 2 and I think that this has helped the overall feeling for the project in terms of coherency. I only used colour in the images a few times, and even then it was only with slight tints.

I am now sorting out the entire image collection for 365 into a book. I had originally planned to do it with Cewe, but I think I will give Blurb a go – it will work out cheaper.

I won’t be attempting another 365 project, but I am running a 52 week project for a group of photographers.