Delayed Continuity

As with everyone else on this planet of ours, during 2020 I and my family had to come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic and like everyone else had to endure lockdowns in order to safeguard ourselves and the NHS. 

During this time my photography, apart from those images taken in my garden and during my exercise walks, had to take a backseat to ensure our own well-being wasn’t compromised and government restrictions were obeyed. During the summer restrictions were eased, although travelling distances was still discouraged, and then in the winter of 2020 the government enforced another lockdown.

Once we were able to go to work and travel again I took up my cameras and began to photograph. The joy of being able to get about the country was exhilarating and the wonderful feeling of being able to take photographs of different places was intoxicating. COVID had not disappeared but just being able to take photographs gave me a fluttering of hope that things eventually will return to as near to normal as possible.

For me, the collection of images I accumulated in 2021 was all part of a delayed continuity in my progression as a photographer that began many years ago. These images taken after the tumultuous events of 2020 seemed like a deep inhalation of creativity, a chance to reinvigorate my photographic vision. 

As a final part of what seemed like a re-integration process with my photography, I created another photo book that was printed and published by Bob Books. The book is 200 pages long and includes images taken throughout the year. The subjects are diverse and all images appear in my chosen format of black and white. Although the subject matter in the images is varied, when collating the photographs to be included, I found that they could be divided into six different sections covering broadly different genres of photography. That is not to say that some of the images could not have been included in another part of the book there would inevitably be some overlap. 

I am immensely proud of the book and feel that it is an honest representation of my photographic work and vision over the past year.


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