Film – A Slight Problem

My previous two posts based on trying to get my wife’s old Olympus Trip 35 camera, Film – A Slight Return and Film – A Slight Return 2 explain that we were quite hopeful that everything was working on the old camera.

We have now put two films through the camera, both Kodak Gold 200. Whist the focussing seems fine and the actual mechanics for the camera seemed OK, we have found that it is over-exposing by about a stop to a stop and a half. Also, the red under-exposure flag’s absence and its automatic block on taking an underexposed picture meant that a couple of photographs in each roll were taken at a wide-open aperture and slowest speed. This resulted in camera shake as Mrs M pressed the shutter.

That being said, the .jpg files that came back from Photo Hippo were by and large of good quality so that’s testament to Mrs M’s skills. However, the problem with the camera remains.

So, I went over to Trip Man’s website had a look around and bought her a completely refurbished Trip 35. It’s one of the older ones (December 1967) with a metal shutter release button and a 6 digit serial number. The older ones are supposed to be smoother in operation and have fewer plastic parts than the later models. The group setting on the focus ring on later models is red whereas the early models it is orange like the other settings and the film rewind crank is more inset to the top of the camera.

This is the camera:

Once it has arrived and has been tested I’ll post the results.


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