Film – A slight return part 2

As I explained in my last post, I had decided to clean up my wife’s old Olympus Trip 35 so that she could start using it again.

After looking at the camera I decided that the original leather grip and covering was in excellent condition and did not need replacing with the new pre-cut leather I had bought. So all that needed to be done was the replacement of the light seals from the kit I had bought from Milly’s Cameras.

The larger old seal on the back of the camera near the door hinge had rotted away so all I had to do there was carefully scrape off what I could and then remove the residue with nail polish remover (it can be convenient in living in a house of women). This done I then installed the new seal on the back and also the two smaller ones (which had disappeared completely) on the top and bottom near the hinge. I then thoroughly cleaned the camera with a blower, cleaned the lens and selenium meter and put in a 24 exposure roll of Kodak 200 colour film.

I took a few exposures to test various settings, put a strap on it and then handed the camera over to Mrs M to use up the rest of the film roll. This she did on our walk today, so now I will send the film away to be processed and digital images made of the negatives. It will not be until we get those back that we will know whether the camera is still working OK.


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