Yesterdays News

During the winter lockdown I was, luckily, kept busy photographically by my 365 project, the monthly projects set by my camera club and also by a couple of book projects I was working on.

These two projects were based on placing my two Royal Photographic Society distinction in book form. I have made several photo books in the past and I have always used Bob Books as I found that the quality is very good and the software that they provide is straightforward and easy to use whilst giving excellent results.

The first of those book projects to be completed and printed was the set of photographs that I submitted for my successful associateship application with the RPS.

I wanted the book to show the parts of the distinction; the Statement of Intent, the panel as it was set out for the judges and the fifteen photographs themselves. I also added an introduction, a book title based on the photographs, Yesterdays News and I designed designed the front and back covers in Photoshop.

After I had the book printed and delivered back to me, I was surprised and delighted to be then contacted by Bob Books and asked if I would do an interview about the book and my photography in general.

That interview is now on their blog here so please go and have a look.

The book itself can be purchased on Bob Books here.


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