15 days – Day 15

Day 15: Monday 7th April.  

Well, it’s the fifteenth day since the lockdown and I should think that the whole nation is waiting now to see if it continues. It obviously will. Whether there will be even more restrictions initiated after Easter will depend on what people do during the bank holiday. I think the weather is due to be nice which means people could ignore government instructions. I hope not.

Today was another morning in the office, just Mrs M and myself. It’s a bit of a pain when you need the paperwork for some stuff just to get it sorted.

Back at home at lunchtime, a cup of tea in the garden and then back on the laptop.

It’s been quite interesting to watch our daughter Emz work. She never stops. She has her half-hour for lunch and then she’s off again.

My image today is Emz with her feet up after she had finished for the day.







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