15 Days – Day 14

Day 14: Monday 6th April

Back to work today, so I move my screen to the back of my desk at home and open the company laptop in its place.

I worked until lunchtime when I had a very nice salad made by Mrs M. Once we had finished and had the ubiquitous cup of tea, we went out for our walk. This time we went in the direction of the shopping centre as we needed to get a couple of things.

It wasn’t overly busy and in Tesco’s they had the arrows on the floor and distance markers so that everyone should stay safe. It was a bit like walking through Ikea actually, with the difference that I found my way out again.

The walk back took in the office where we collected the mail and then we headed back home. It started raining as we got within half a mile of our house. Not hard, but rather petulantly as if the rain was sulkily throwing droplets about.

It didn’t last though, the sun returned later.

The image is a late afternoon capture of the sunlight through our bedroom blinds.


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