15 days – Day 8

Day 8: Tuesday 31 March. 

This morning I had to go into the office to get another laptop ready for a home user. The office was freezing. I was there for the whole morning and despite sitting on top of a portable heater I could not get warm. When I left, despite it being a little chilly outside, I felt a lot warmer.

Mrs M and I took our exercise walk at lunchtime and passed the local Tesco car park. Despite half of it being used to build more student accommodation, it was still virtually empty. It seems strange to think that this time last year the car park was full of Jaguar Landrover staff vehicles as space was rented out to the car company. It looked like storage for every version of Range Rover and Jaguar at the time.

We finished our walk through the crematorium where we saw a funeral with the sad sight of only a few people attending due to the COVID-19 restrictions of a maximum of 10 mourners.







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