15 Days – Day 7

Day 7: Monday 30th March

It was our first day back at work today after our week off. Work laptops were set up, PC’s were plugged in and powered on. We were away.

The day actually passed quite quickly and a lot of the time was spent acclimatizing to MS Teams which is being used to keep staff in touch with each other. At the moment it seems a bit of novelty but I suspect that people will soon calm down after they have used it for a while.

Mrs M and I had a brisk walk after lunch, a call into the empty office to get some paperwork and then back home for the afternoon session.

The good news is that we have our Ocado slot back, well an order has been placed and confirmed and so as long as it turns up we will be able to eat this week. The general fracas at the supermarkets also seems to have settled down with orderly queues and patient distance waiting.

The image below is of my desk after I shut my laptop down after work. Gollum likes to keep an eye on me.









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