Rain, sunshine and waterfalls

I’m just back from three days in South Wales on a photographic holiday staying in Brecon. It was three days of rain showers and then warm sunshine but luckily all the really nasty, heavy, wet stuff came down during the night.

After exploring the town of Brecon on Tuesday it was the turn of the river valleys and the four waterfalls walk on Wednesday. With all the rain that had been coming down on the area over the previous few days all of the falls were swollen and very spectacular.

The Sgwd Clun-Gwn (pictured below) and Sgwd y Pannwr falls, in particular, were absolutely incredible and obviously much use was made of neutral density filters to slow the water flow down and get the ubiquitous ‘smoky’ effect.

It was a great trip and many thanks go to HF Holidays for a great hotel, superb food and super staff. Our guide and pro photographer guide Martin Edwards was brilliant showing us all of the best areas to get those photographs and coming up with invaluable guidance and tips. And last but not least, thanks to the other eight people on the course who were great fun as well as excellent photographers.



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