Fujifilm XPro-3

Fuji will officially announce the X-Pro3 on October 23, and already, despite the lack of confirmed technical details, it has polarised opinion amongst the Fuji X-Pro fanbase.

The fixed LCD screen on the back of the camera has gone and instead, it has an LCD that faces the body of the camera by default and flips out and down for use.

The back panel is finished the same as the back of the closed LCD screen which also has a small status screen much like the old film information carriers in classic 35mm cameras of yesteryear. This can show current settings information or even a graphic of the chosen Fuji film simulation.

Fujifilm is quoted as saying that they want X-Pro3 users to look through the viewfinder and “minimize the time looking at the back of the camera.” No chimping allowed then!

Thus far Fuji has kept the specifications close to their chests but have said that the viewfinder has been upgraded from the X-Pro2, with the optical viewfinder giving a larger view and less distortion whilst the electronic viewfinder will have higher resolution and contrast, better brightness, wider colour space than the X-Pro2 and XT-3, and an improved frame rate.

Fuji says the body will be made of titanium and come in three colours, black, DURA black and DURA silver. The DURA colours should also be 10 times more resistant to scratches than steel.

One of the biggest design changes is the removal of the D-Pad and consequently 5 buttons that could be programmed.

Fuji also announced a new film simulation called “Classic Negative.” This will be the 10th film simulation mode Fuji has released, and is said to look like Fujicolor Superia.

When I first saw some sketches of the new camera I wasn’t sure that this was the right way to go on the X-Pro line, but now I have seen the photographs I think that it looks excellent. The big issue for me will be whether pre-release testing will show that the EVF has been improved. The next big question is price. I think for standard black it will be about £1400 to £1500, whilst the DURA colours will be £1500 to £1600. Just my guess, we will see.

I can’t wait.



2 thoughts on “Fujifilm XPro-3

    1. Thanks, Lane. I have also had numerous X series cameras, and the X-Pro2 is a joy to use. Being a left-eye shooter and glasses wearer, it means I can reach and operate all the buttons and joystick without knocking or marking my glasses with a fat thumb. The XPro-3 to me carries on that Fuji ethos of making cameras that innovate both in form and function and will also perform superbly.

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