Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography

Having been alerted to their presence by a twitter post, I must admit to having been both amazed and informed by the Inside the Outside (ITO) photographic collective. They are part of a movement called conceptual landscape photography. Having found my way to their website and being astounded by the quality of work on it I must admit to my shame of not being sure what Conceptual Landscape Photography actually was so I looked it up.

Google threw up:

Description 1:
“Conceptual landscape photography is an image or series of images based on a thought or idea where this concept is more important than, but integral to, the finished work.”, Conceptual Landscape Photography

Description 2:
“- a landscape created and interpreted by the artist, to be experienced by the viewer.”

The short statement of intent on the ITO website itself says:

The landscape photography collective mediating the liminal space between the world before us and within.

I read that as they are showing the connection between what the photographer feels and visualizes about a place or situation and the location itself.

After looking through the website, it is probably unfair to pick out particular projects because they are all very good indeed, but I particularly liked:

Elgin by Chris Younger

Where You Are by J.M. Golding

St Kilda – The Silent Islands by Alex Boyd

The Secret Language of Trees by Rob Hudson

There are also many other fascinating images showcasing conceptual landscape photography within the collective, please have a look.

I find these examples of Conceptual landscapes so visually inspiring it has made me want to have a look at the style with a view to attempting some images myself. The ITO website is certainly one I will return to regularly.


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