Logical filing is important

What happens to all those photographs that we have taken? How do we find those images that we took maybe a year or two years ago, to have another go at processing them?

I never delete any photograph, good or bad, they can be found on my RAW file drive or on its backup. In my Lightroom catalog drive, I have DNG copies of these images which I may or may not work on. These are cloned to another Lightroom catalog drive as a backup. Storage space these days is cheap and should be used.

The point is every one of those files is in a folder which I can find via Lightroom.

Files are stored in Year folders and then in day folders as shown below:

If I click on any one of those folders in Lightroom the pictures I took on that day will be shown.

As you can see I have over 50,000 images on the external drive that holds them. The drive is of 3TB capacity and after 12 years of photography, it still has 1TB left. Remember this drive contains all my completed work too and those are in the form of Tiffs, sometimes three of them to one image, and Tiffs are some of the biggest data files you can have.
My RAW files storage disks are 2TB drives carrying 12 years of files and they have 1TB left on each.

Never delete images, there really is no need and you never know when you might need them.

If you want to sort out your image filing, there is a very good article here which will tell you everything you need to know including naming Filename templates etc.




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