Photographs #1

As we come to the end of 2016 I am reminded that although I have tried to maintain this blog as much as I can, I have gone for some periods of time this year without posting. I would like to do something about that. So, starting today, I am going to post photographs I have taken but have not yet posted on Flickr. That’s right, try and contain your excitement. Readers of this blog will see the images before they are placed on Flickr. the reasoning behind this is that as I process my images I save one ready to place on Flickr, I will now save an image prepped for this blog.

I usually post my photographs on Flickr once per week, and I usually post only three. I find that any more than that number in one posting session, means that they don’t get looked at properly and skimmed over. The small number of images that I post each week, also means that I currently have a backlog of images that I have not yet uploaded – explaining the “2015” in the title.

I will be placing more than just three on this blog at any one time providing that they work together on the blog page.

If you already look at my Flickr account or haven’t yet bothered you can find the link to the account on the left together with some thumbnails of my last uploads.

So, to the pictures. These images were all taken at Whipsnade zoo in 2015. They were captured with my old camera setup, Nikons. In this instance, I used the D7100 and a zoom lens. The lens was a twenty or so year old Vivitar Series One f/2.8, 70-210. I shot in manual with the lens, and despite the aperture ring sticking at the larger apertures, I got some good images.

The trick with zoo pictures is to make sure that you try to exclude anything that will place the picture as being taken in a zoo. Avoid fences, walls, and people and try to get as close to the animal with your lens as possible. the two images of the lions, were taken through plate glass, so it is possible to obtain decent images through scratched and smudged glass.













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