Out and About: Twycross Zoo

The Viewfinder club phototrip was to Twycross Zoo this time. I hadn’t been there for a few years since my daughter was a lot younger and in some ways it has changed quite a lot and in other ways, by not much. I always have some moral trauma at zoos, because on one hand I don’t like to see animals caged up, but on the other I do like to see those creatures that live on different continents which otherwise I would only see when David Attenborough showed me them on the BBC.

There was some initial panic when we got to the zoo, because none of the cafés were open and I needed my morning coffee shot. Once we returned to the visitor centre and suitably ‘coffee’d’ up we set out to take some photographs. At the end of the day after quickly going through the images I was please with what I had got.

I took the X-T1 and the 55 – 200mm zoom lens, and I must say I was most impressed with the quality of image it produced. The shot below is one of the magnificent western lowland gorillas at the zoo.

It was taken at a focal length of 200mm (300mm full frame) at 1/320sec and an aperture of f/6.4 and through a glass window.





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