Out and About – Seahouses

For the last few days I have been in the north of England with my new Fuji’s. I have been to Northumberland a few times before and it is truly a beautiful rugged county.

It so happens that the trip coincided with one of the coldest snaps that the UK has seen for a few years at this time of year, and in Northumberland, with the wind coming off the North Sea, it only took a few minutes of exposing your fingers to the un-seasonably strong and freezing wind for them to go numb and for your mouth to feel like it would never work properly again.

Staying in a stone cottage in Seahouses on the coast, I was woken most nights with the wind howling around the roof and once a hail storm that I thought was going to smash through the velux windows in the roof.

Seahouses itself is a small holiday town with a working harbour and on the first afternoon I wandered around taking photographs in-between sticking my hands back in my pockets to try and force some feeling back into them. The following image is of a scene that I spotted and amused me before eventually giving the harbour over to the wind and cold and after securing some delicious fish and chips, heading back to the cottage for a whisky – or two.

The picture was taken with the Fuji X-T1 and the rather excellent 18 – 135mm lens.





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