Out and About: Worcester

Our phototrip this time was to Worcester where the main part of the walk was along the east bank of the river and then inside the cathedral. The weather was warm and sunny and it bought many people out along the riverside to enjoy the spring sun and temperature.

After a short walk along the river path, we went up to the cathedral. To take photographs inside the Cathedral Church of Christ & the Blessed Mary you need to buy a £3 photography ticket, something I didn’t begrudge paying as actual entry into the cathedral is free, unlike many of our larger churches and cathedrals in the UK today.

It really is a stunning building both inside and out, and the light through the windows into the vast interior provokes an amazing atmosphere. Simply lovely.

After visiting the cathedral and taking many photographs, we continued along the riverside until we came to the amazing structure below. It is the Michael Baker Boathouse and is part of the King’s School. The whole building is shaped like a boat with the prow jutting out over the footpath towards the river. Very impressive indeed.

I used the new Fujifilm X-T1 and the 18-135 lens, both of which were a joy to use. I am really impressed with this new system of mine.




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