Fuji and Kaizen

As someone who is leaving Nikon to move to Fuji, I came across an interesting and gratifying comment made by Fuji managers Toshihisa Iida and Makoto Oishi when they met imaging-resource.com. At one point they were discussing the principal of Kaizen,which is the Japanese practice of continuous development of a project. The Fuji representatives said:

Toshihisa Iida: Of course there’s an argument whenever we introduce a new firmware upgrade that it’s damaging the existing product. So there are pros and cons, but we decided that we really needed to take care of the existing customer first before thinking of the new customer. So I think by upgrading the firmware for X-E2, that would be more beneficial for our overall business and the customer will be happy. So I think that’s right, to show our customer loyalty for their purchase.

Image Resource: That’s certainly a position that we support very strongly. I think that’s a very important benefit with a manufacturer, that their products don’t just quickly become obsolete.

Toshihisa Iida: Yes. Because now the camera is costing somewhere around several hundred to a thousand dollars. So it’s ridiculous for us to ask customers to upgrade every two years or so. So even three, four, five years; as long as possible. That’s our job, to keep them usable and not obsolete. We want them to spend more money for lenses or accessories, and so on. That’s more beneficial to the customers.


That is such a refreshing point of view.



My X-E2 became a different, much better camera after update 4.00.



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