Out and About – Hanbury Hall


We were at Hanbury Hall today on a beautiful spring-like day. It really was nice to be out in the sunshine and the warmth was really beginning to be felt. It was still chilly in the shade but I suppose that is only to be expected.

An unexpected pleasure at the Hall was the exhibition of photographs in the Long Gallery of the International Garden Photographer of the Year. Some stunning images and details of how they were taken – very good indeed.

I again took out the X-E2 and the picture below was taken with the 18-55 f/2.8 – 4.0 zoom lens. I saw the antique chair at the top of the stairs in a dark corner. The sunlight was catching the gold on the seat and you could just make out the ornate back and legs. The scene looked just like a chiaroscuro-style painting with its deep shadows and defined areas of light.




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