Out and About – Magpie Mine

Today some members of S13 and I headed for Derbyshire in search of some of Britain’s industrial past. We started at the Magpie mine a disused lead mine dating from the 1700’s. To say shooting the mine on this particular day was challenging is an understatement.

When we left the Midlands the temperature was about 13 – 14°C but when we got out of the car at the mine it had plummeted to 8°C. Not only that but there was a gale force wind blasting across the Peak District propelling the low cloud and its wet cloying mist on to our lenses and faces. By the time we had finished the shoot, we were wet, frozen and in want of a coffee. I would certainly like to go back to the mine when the light is a little better – and it’s not so bloody cold and wet.

The picture below shows the mine. Due to the low mist, the original RAW image is very flat and grey with no detail in the clouds, however I used the new Dehaze slider in Lightroom to bring out the detail in the cloud and the landscape. I was amazed at what it was able to bring out in the clouds. I think it has worked quite well, and I shall be certainly looking to use it in my mono work too. I used my Nikon D800 and a 50mm f/1.8 standard lens.

Magpie Mine
Magpie Mine



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