Out and About – Dyrham Park

Last week Mrs M and I headed down to Somerset for a few days and called into the National Trust property Dyrham Park on the way. The whole roof was under renovation, 46 tonnes of lead and 8000 slate tiles have been removed, the roof structure is being repaired and then re-cast lead and new tiles replaced. The whole project has cost £3.8 million. To cover the building a huge scaffold roof was placed over the whole structure, keeping the rain out and allowing the roofers to work in all weathers.

Visitors could go up to a walk way constructed above the roof to observe the work, 90 feet above the ground.


True to form, it was raining when we arrived so I decided to use my iPhone. You can go up to the roof in a lift or use stairs. It’s very impressive, and you get a view of the roof that will not be available again for probably 150 years.



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