Windows 10 Installed


I have just updated my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  It took a long time to complete but was pretty painless.  There was a slight hiccough after installation and after I logged in when I had the (quite common apparently) ‘black screen and cursor of nothing is happening’.  To remedy this, I basically rebooted the laptop.

Googling the problem shows that this seems to be quite a common occurence with the 10 installation.  I did also read that it could have been the same issue that some people had experienced  in beta test and that hitting CTRL and then typing in your password might remedy it and give you access.  I have also heard that it was a graphics glitch where Windows believes you have multiple monitors and places its graphics resources on one of the ghost screens that it thinks is the default screen, thereby rendering your actual screen blank.

I’ve now had a quick mess around with the new system and I quite like it.  I didn’t like Windows 8 at all so that’s a thumb’s up to Microsoft.

Will I update my main system?

Mmm, I’m thinking about that.



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